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Hello December!

Hello December, you have arrived very quickly I must say!

Nevertheless, it’s already December and I must put on my comfiest shoes and trudge forward, along with many other Canadians (and the world) to start Christmas shopping.

If you’re one of those people who are done, well damn, then I applaud you!

Every year I say to myself that I will be just like you, to be done with my list before the December month even shows up.

Well, uh, nope, not me. Failed again on that wishful thinking.

Today is the day I really get started with my Xmas list.

The children’s list isn’t that long, but they’re adult children and that means the items are pricey!

So bare in mind for those mommies who have little ones right now, enjoy this time, because you can basically buy the cutest and not so expensive things ever, and they would be jumping up and down with glee.

I’m not saying that my kids aren’t grateful, they sure are, because the list they give me, well, I practically buy everything on that list, it’s just more pricey. (Parents, you know what I mean)

For example, my Bronson (middle child) on his list is this sweater for over $ 240! Ummm what the heck? Oh right, “it’s a Supreme mom!” Oh ok yes, I totally understand, I’m paying for that damn label. Got it.

See what I mean? LOL

I like to run my household with lists.

I can’t function without a list.

Christmas Lists; are wonderful. Simple. Focused and Direct!

That’s why I use them. I don’t need to go wander around getting dizzy for what the heck to buy my three children and husband.

They give me the list and off I go! (I do, of course, buy other things that are not in their list)

I am most thankful for my husband’s list because he is the pickiest & hardest person to buy for! OMG major anxiety and stress buying for him!

This year I’ve been experimenting with baking, and I am hell happy to incorporate my tasty Cheddar cheese biscuits, Chocolate Banana muffins, and my daughters Gingerbread cookies into our traditional Christmas dinner.

What are your favorite goodies to bake for Christmas?

Have you started shopping yet or are you done?!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a Happy December month my peoples!





2 thoughts on “Hello December!”

  1. Oh my lord, I can’t even talk about Christmas shopping right now, lol. This year, I decided to support small independent businesses by choosing Etsy. I thought I gave myself ample time based on their listed production time and shipping time but I’m still waiting on 3 items to be shipped from the US (at least it’s not across the ocean or something!).

    Now that we’re officially in December (I purchased these back in mid-November), I’m started to get paranoid if they would arrive on time, and we both know Canada Post isn’t the greatest around the holidays, haha. The sellers are in constant communication with me which eases a bit of the anxiety. I’m trying to be patient with them since they’ve all told me they’re swamped with demands.

    1. LOL Hey Jessica, I would be stressed out too, when it comes to packages coming on time and hopefully before Christmas! Hey thanks for the idea, I should check out Etsy too. Happy shopping!

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