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Trumbull & Porter Detroit Hotel Review – July 2019

My husband and I traveled to Detroit for a quick weekend sprint earlier in July.

We stayed in this industrial looking boutique hotel and I fell in love because of its hotel structure, and how unique and different it was.

The outdoor space was the reason I booked with this hotel, and upon arrival, I was told that it was not available for guest use that night, unless you pay an entrance fee. A burlesque show was scheduled the night we arrived. I was so disappointed! Nevertheless, we sneaked in and stayed to see how it was. In my opinion, it was horrid and inappropriate for a hotel to be showcasing half-naked women as part of their entertainment, at their establishment, but that’s my opinion.


Our room was very small but cute. Very tight bathroom area and no dressing drawers to put your clothes away. The floor was concrete with throw rugs beside the bed. The room had a cold feel to it, thank God they provided slippers and a thick bathrobe, for your use! The only thing that did bother us, was that we could hear people next to us. Their conversation and laughter could be heard very clearly so we turned up the tv volume.


I found this hotel so adorable, I didn’t mind the tight spaces, but my husband did because he’s a big man.  This hotel is located in Corktown, the oldest neighborhood in Detroit. The hotel is decorated by local artists and had their work displayed throughout. They had cute chairs, tables, lamps, plants, signage and so on. I truly loved the cool and hip vibe. I did mention that their outdoor space is beautiful right?

They also have this adorable gym.


The Red Dunn Kitchen is a restaurant in the hotel, where we dined for a late dinner after playing at the MGM Casino.  The cheese board was awesome, but the pasta came to me lukewarm, twice.  This place is super adorable though. Plenty of natural light and the decor is clean and pretty. There is a patio bar and also a coffee bar, which unfortunately didn’t have a chance to try out.

For drinks or snacks before dinner, you can check out Batch Brewery. Its only a 2 minute walk across the hotel. It’s comfy and the staff is really welcoming. They also have a patio. Enjoyed it here very much. A review will be coming up soon, for this cute gem of a spot!

There are many restaurants in the area, take a drive around first then you’ll get an idea whether you want to walk or drive to it.

Final Thoughts

I loved this hotel and was disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to enjoy the courtyard. This hotel is so damn cute, clean and fits me right. The staff was pleasant and the environment was cool and relaxed feeling. I would come back.






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    1. It really was. I think you would have loved it. So many cool seating areas where you can just chill and read a book. If we had more time, I would have done that. Thanks for coming by my Shelley! xoxo

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