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My 6 Go-To Coffee Shops in Toronto

When I write I love to do it in Coffee Shops.

For one, they are always so adorably cute and two, there is always some delicious and delectable little something you can enjoy while writing all your awesome ideas and thoughts, in that head of yours.

Here are some Coffee Shops I love. While in Toronto go check them out!

  • Oretta’s Cafe – They feature Italian-style espresso coffee’s, baked goods, delicious donuts, cookies, little pizza’s and offer a cute little space for their patrons. This place is soooo cute and you should have brunch at their main Oretta Restaurant. If you like fancy and polished decor, this is your spot.
  • Early Bird (Queen St location) – This place is great to go because everything is good for you! I’m talking about health-wise. Their ingredients are health-based. (You won’t find donuts here.)  I had the Avocado toast which was hell aaaahmazing! This is the place if you are in search of a tranquil & carefree atmosphere.
  • Dineen Coffee Company –  A big space, but gets crowded. You’ll find a lot of business peeps here having a little pow-wow and also an array of students. This cafe is in the vicinity of our famous downtown shopping mall, The Toronto Eaton Center.    If you don’t mind the very active environment and are able to tune out people, then this is it for you.
  • Aroma Espresso Bar (shop at Don mills location) – Love this location because there is an outdoor courtyard right out front and plenty of seating. You don’t necessarily have to sit at the Cafe, you can sit anywhere and enjoy people-watching or even entertainment during summer evenings. I had breakfast here and it was just right and not many people if you go before 9 am. After writing you can do a little shopping too! Go here if you want a variety of things to do after.
  • Ice ‘n’ Cake (shop at Don mills location) – This is at the same location as Aroma Espresso Bar. They serve delicious Gelato Ice-cream, cakes, pastries, crepes, waffles and a variety of cold and hot drinks. Their red velvet cake is a must. The air condition is great here if you want the iceberg feel in the summer like I do.
  • The Birchcliff  – Located in Scarborough on Kingston Rd, this place is away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto. The cafe is modern and serves pastries, scones, cookies and a variety of beverages. Sit by the window! Go here for a peaceful but yet pleasant climate.

There you go, hope you get a chance to visit these lovely and pretty places.

If you have a spot to share, please leave a comment below!


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