First blog ever !

Wow, this is my very first post, ever. EVER! LOL. I can’t concentrate, my pom/chi is barking downstairs, which I wish he would stop for one minute, as I really would love to get into the mood of writing. I actually put my mood music on (Kenny G). I know for those who are probably gagging right about now (my daughter, okay my whole entire family) would be, if they were here. But I for one, love Kenny G’s friggin music okay?  It’s soothing and just makes my mind relax and the words just keep flying out of my mind and fingers keep hitting the keyboards non-stop, just the way I like it. I’ve been thinking of blogging for a long time now and always procrastinated until this day. Finally signed up with and here I am.  Awesome! I’m just sitting here, staring at the page all excited. Just content on finally having my blog up and running. Not published yet, because I’m too damn scared to do that, but heck, I’m almost there! …

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