Day 34, in this Pandemic..

This is day 34 for me in this Pandemic.

My husband and I headed out for our yearly vacation earlier last month, March 5th to be exact.

We went to Punta Cana and stayed at a beautiful and luxurious resort.

We swam each day, participated in events, ate and went out to another town for an excursion.

We were amongst people, sometimes almost stuck hip to hip squished like sardines, on a train ride through the lively streets of Santo Domingo.

Back at the resort, side by side with strangers lounging by the pool, lounging by the beach. Picking our food at the buffet station.

Around so many people.

March 13th; We landed back into our hometown and everything and everyone changed. We had to stay home in isolation.

It was pretty scary and surreal.

Toilet paper was a high commodity, and people emptied the shelves, going crazy, hoarding them.

It’s now April 16th, and I have been stuck in my house and have not been normal since the day we landed.

Life has been on hold ever since. Self-isolation, Self-quarantine has been all that we know as of late.

Lining up for groceries has resorted to 30-minute wait, just to get in and the person behind you and in front of you must be 6 feet away from you.

I took this while lining up at the bank

Non-essential businesses ordered to close.

“Stay home” and “stay safe” and “flatten the curve” is the number one priority everyone abides by. It is the law right now, and it’s been hell lonely.

To protect me and protect others from this dangerous and deadly virus, I stay home and do not socialize whatsoever. It has taken such a toll on me mentally and physically. I know that I am not alone and everyone is either feeling the same way as I do or will feel it soon enough.

I miss my routine of having a purpose to get up in the morning and get dressed for work. To do my hair and make-up and pick the right high-heel shoes to match my mood and my outfit for the day.

I miss going to my favorite restaurants and movies and shopping.

I miss the freedom to go anywhere I wanted to.

I miss my friends at work and our everyday gossip and conversations and just having that connection with other people, other than my family.

I love my family and am very thankful that we are all quarantined together under one roof. I thank God for that every day. I see far too many stories of other less fortunate family’s and am very saddened by that.

This pandemic has changed the world. The way we interact with each other, our connections limited, our freedom modified. Our health, employment, and financial security compromised.

Families who don’t live together forced to stay behind that window forced to stay apart and not able to hug and kiss one another.

It makes me so sad.

I’m glad that I’m am creating this paper trail of this important part of history in our lives.

One day I will re-visit this blog post and revel that we have overcome this tragic pandemic and that the world has regained our normalcy of what we call LIFE.






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