Rain on the Beach – Poetry June 26th 2019

That’s what I see
As you come towards me
Your strides are long
And in an instant
You’re here in front of me
Wrapping your arms around my waist

Pulling me tightly close to you
As though I may fly away with the wind
We embrace like we’ve never before
But this is our usual
I just saw you last week
But to us it feels like forever has passed
It’s amazing isn’t it
To always be in love
With you
Not a cloudy day goes by
When I don’t think of you
Of us
On the beach
As the rain pours down on us
We walk and not run
And relish in the moment
For the moment lasts only briefly
Until we unclasp from each other
I wipe away the rain from my face
As you stare at me
I know what you’re thinking
That I’m beautiful
But I don’t see it
My clothes soaking wet
But I don’t care
Because the walk on a rainy day on the beach
Is worth every second
With you

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