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The County General – Restaurant Review 2017

The County General Restaurant

936 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Paid parking


We happened to find this awesome place by accident, as our first intent for brunch was to go to Pray Tell.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, there was a note taped to their door “closed for repairs”. My daughter picked that spot for our brunch for my birthday. They didn’t even the courtesy to put this vital information on their website or Instagram. Anyways, this was a blessing in disguise, because we came here instead! Yay!!

This cute little place was absolutely amazing!


This quaint restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining. Upon entry, there is seating to your left and a great bar ahead of you, fully stocked. There are bar stools at the bar, comfortable to eat your meal. The outdoor patio wasn’t spacious either, six little tables. Small but still comfy and still lovely.

This place is airy with full access to sunshine and outdoors.


French Toast $14 x’s 2

Berry Compote, Nut Crumble topped with Vanilla whipped cream

* a side of Perth Bacon $5

This french toast was soooo amazing and delicious and just honest to goodness yummy as hell! The nut crumbles along with the vanilla whipped cream took this breakfast foodie, up a notch. I would order this again in a heartbeat! At first sight, you think that this plate needed more in quantity, but no. Totally was satisfied and even had leftovers. Just amazing!

Their coffee is terrific!


Was welcomed and seated upon arrival immediately. Staff was courteous, friendly and very accommodating. We dined out on the patio but when it got breezy, we changed our minds and was seated inside at the bar promptly. Was very satisfied with the staff here.

Final Thoughts

We were very happy to come upon this place. The service, the food, and the ambiance were an A+. We would definitely come back if in the area again.  We came around noon and still had plenty of seats left. I truly enjoyed my birthday brunch here, my daughter is awesome!







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